In just a few short days I’ll be done with all of my classes at Academy of Art. I can’t believe it’s time to say goodbye. I’m excited to start my career, but also sad to see this time come to an end. Hopefully, this means wonderful things for this website and my portfolio as I will be working on personal artwork more regularly from now on and I’ll be able to share more of that process with you.

For friends and family who may be visiting: Thank you. Thank you for supporting me during my life, for bringing me inspiration when I needed it, and being the best cheer squad I could ever ask for.

For everyone: One thing I want to start doing right away is portraits. They are my passion and I love them. So if you’d like a black and white portrait done of you or someone you love send me an email! We can work out pricing and timelines from there.

And congrats to everyone else graduating this time of year! Go give yourself a treat, because I’m POSITIVE that you deserve it.

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