June 2023 Lettering Round Up

I dived deep into my fountain pen interest and my planning and journaling side heavily this month. My Etsy shop was also very busy so I had a lot of thank you cards to write for customers. It was a very fun and experimental month. I had a great time swatching different inks and using them with my flexible nib fountain pen (from Fountain Pen Revolution by the way). I even practiced writing whole paragraphs in cursive to see if I still knew how. I usually write with printing for normal note taking and everyday writing. It was a challenge to find a balance between the calligrapher side of me that wanted to make the cursive perfect and the quicker side of my brain that just wants to write as fast as possible. I’m working on a post detailing all my thoughts on digital and paper planning and which I preferred and what tools I used so stay on the lookout for that within the next week. I hope you all have happy and safe July!





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