August 2023 Lettering Round Up

Honesty time… I’ve been slowly falling into an uninspired era. I was trying to fight it, but I think I just need to accept that this phase is here to stay. So I’m going to be taking the best care of myself possible in the coming weeks. I think there is no particular reason for this phase, or maybe it’s just a reaction to having a very productive couple of months. It felt good to be making lots of progress and creating new products for my shop. But all things ebb and flow and I need to nurture my natural rhythms for now. It’s probably a good time of year to take a little step back because the holiday season will presumably be quite taxing and busy. Lots of promotion and content I will need to create to keep up. Maybe you needed a reminder to be kind to yourself and hopefully I can provide that for you if you are in a similar headspace. Consider this your permission slip to take time for yourself. Rejuvenate. Relax. Accept good enough. Sending you creative kindness and compassion.






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