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September 2023 Lettering Round Up

We’re officially in Autumn mode now! I’m glad for a change, this summer was … interesting. As always my artistic endeavors are shifting and changing. I focused on spending as much time in my art studio as possible. I had some wonderful painting sessions just making marks and experimenting with compositions and various media. I fell in love with acrylic ink and very watery acrylic paint.
Much of this takes time for me. I do a lot of pausing and waiting for layers to dry while I decide what needs doing next. This also means my calligraphy just isn’t getting as much dedicated focus and time. I made less, and when I did I focused on simple pieces. It feels like I’m balancing my new artistic interests with something I’m much more confident in, the calligraphy. To balance the fear of sharing something new and untested with my proven calligraphy skills. I’m glad for the days I can lean back on what I’ve worked so hard on for the past few years with my calligraphy. But I’m excited by the thrill of trying something bold and new, in spurts of bravery. I don’t know what the future holds, or which way I will wander, but I hope you can enjoy the journey with me. And I imagine you artists out there can relate! Happy Fall everyone.