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Bullet Journal for 2021

I’ve seen bullet journaling around for years now. I’ve tried a plain planner before (just printed out pages from the web) and it was fun for awhile but I never stuck to it. I also know that I’m not going to have much to plan in 2021 (much like 2020) because I’m not going anywhere. However, I bit the bullet (see what I did there) and finally bought myself a bullet journal.

My second page so far. *Some personal goals are covered up with the glitter for the sake of privacy.

I got this one from Clever Fox because the paper seemed like it might stand up to actual art supplies. My goal is to really use it more for practicing lettering and more simple graphic doodling. I like the concept of having a little structural component to help frame my shapes for letters and doodles. I’ve found constraints actually more often HELP me to create instead of limiting me. Anything to help lift the burden of a blank page.

My “year at a glance” spread.

I’ll be doing a lot of little tests in the near future to see which art supplies work best on this paper but so far I haven’t had any difficulties with ghosting or bleeding through. I’ll keep you updated on my progress if I make anything I really like.

Supplies used:

Zig Clean Color Real Brush Markers, Pigma Micron Pen 03, mechanical pencil, Stablio Point 88 pens, Sharpie water based paint pen white extra fine point.