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April Lettering Round Up

I think this new, thinner style forced me to focus on the fundamentals of good lettering. At times I just couldn’t get rid of those bumpy upstrokes but my downstrokes always felt a lot more solid. I also experimented with lots of different flourishes just to see what I liked. Most of these posts were quite spontaneous and unplanned. However I do achieve a lot more balance in the composition when I do a few rough drafts. The downside to this planning is that my lettering looks a bit more stiff and I struggle to get that “flow” going.

Overall I feel pretty good about my progress over this month. I can see lots of areas that I need to continue working on to get a seamless result, like my fundamental shapes. Considering I only have a little time each day to dedicate to this hobby I’m proud of how it’s going. It’s still something I’m finding very fun and that’s really what I’ve been needing from my creative work lately.

Hope you enjoyed this round up! See you next month and happy practicing.