September Lettering Round Up

Can’t believe we made it to October already. Here are most of my final pieces from September. I had a lot of fun using orange, red, and yellow for that fall vibe, now that it’s officially here. For October I will probably continue with some of the same styles and color themes but also I’m planning to lean into the spooky season. I want to do some more witchy, book of shadows, horror movie styles. You’ll probably see a lot more black and red, maybe purple, green, and orange too. As always to see these pieces with videos or the process you should follow my Instagram @jwinsorart for the full effect.

ALSO! I’m building my Patreon up with behind the scenes content and real time lettering videos. For a couple more weeks anyone who becomes a Patron (supporter) will get their name custom lettered by me. In the future I’ll be doing special requests from Patrons and sending out postcards to certain tiers. If you feel like taking a peek head here.






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