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My Top 5 Favorite Small Brush Pens

My top 5 favorite small brush pens. Should I do another one for large brush pens?

🖋 @tombowusa Fudenosuke – My go to is the one with the hard tip. It feels the most natural and forgiving out of all of these pens and I use it the most.

@pentelofamerica Brush Sign Pen – Has a softer, more flexible tip so I have to work harder to get my thin upstrokes. Love the color selection of these and the ink is more vibrant than the Fudenosuke colors.

@marvyuchida LePen Flex – Very thin pen body so it take a minute to get used to. I love the drama between the thick and thin!

@zebrapen_usa Funwari Brush Tip Pen – Has a very similar tip to the Tombow Fudenosuke. I only have this one in a few colors but works nearly the same as the Tombow.

@kuretakezig_usa Cocoiro Letter Pen – I only have this one in black but it has the thinnest tip of them all. Really enjoyable for more delicate styles or writing smaller.