July 2023 Lettering (And Art) Round Up

Another month bites the dust. I focused a bit more on illustration this month than my usual lettering and calligraphy content. I am finding myself a bit stuck creatively and starting to fight against burn out. So I pivoted to another interest I haven’t explored in quite some time… digital illustration! I do design digitally for my shop products quite often but I usually stick to typography or lettering.

I haven’t done a portrait or figure in many moons. I’m still not sure what spurred me to try it again but I am so glad that I did. I feel refreshed and renewed by trying something new. I am a beginner again and the growth I can make from one piece to the next is exciting. I think the changes in my calligraphy were becoming less noticeable as I got more skill and got further along in my learning. The excitement of something totally new is one of my absolute favorite parts about being an artist. Maybe it’s a curse, or maybe it’s a blessing but I do like to change things up often. I have been staying with calligraphy for almost 3 years. I’m not saying I’m leaving it by any means. I still love lettering and calligraphy. But I do want to mix in other art forms here and there and I really hope you don’t mind. I’ll add the two illustrations that I made into stickers for my shop below. See you next month!

(Oh and as always check out the links to my social media to see the videos and detailed photos that go with each image.)


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