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Pleasure. It’s already over. Abstract Painting

Watch video here:

Pleasure. it’s already over

Acrylic on canvas

15 x 30 in

Working on this one for a little bit and now I’m sharing the “final” piece. Honestly I never feel that my paintings are finished. Never. There is no miraculous moment at the end where I can put a neat little bow on the whole process. I usually feel stuck, take pictures, take a few days, and stare at it a lot. I draw over the photos to see if I can add anything more to make it feel perfect and done. I look at it from every angle and in all kinds of light. I agonize.

And you know what I realized? I hate that part. The last 10-20% is torture. It’s the opposite of what I’m trying to achieve with my art. I want to find peace and calm in my process. I want the materials to guide me and my mind to quiet down. And so, the piece is already finished. It’s already over. The whole process is already done by the time I start to think too hard about finishing it. The process is the art. It took me too damn long to figure that out.

For sale, DM if interested.

@liquitexofficial Acrylic Ink

@goldenpaints Acrylic Paint

@canvyapp for mock-up

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