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April 2023 Lettering Round Up

It was a bit of a strange month for me creatively. I had a lot of energy and motivation but I focused on spring cleaning my house most days. It was work that needed doing but ultimately pushed my art practice down the list of priorities a bit. I also finished up my typography class with the design you see for a patch. I have been working almost every day with a production company to add these to my store but since it’s my first time making a patch it has been a slow process. Hopefully we can finalize the design in the next week and start getting them made. I’m super excited to hold one in my hand eventually. Welcome to May everyone, I hope it holds fresh energy for everyone.

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Creative Diversity

I keep telling myself that in order to be a successful artist I have to become specific with what I make. That ends today. It isn’t true and it isn’t helpful. I am creative almost every day. However, I struggle to give myself any credit for the things that I think fall outside of my idea of “traditional” art. From now on, this will be a place for all of the things I create, without limits, without “shoulds”, and most importantly without shame. Hello my new creatively diverse life. Welcome.

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