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TEMU Stationery Haul and Review Part 1

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I’ve been seeing TEMU everywhere so I wanted to see for myself if they had good stationery / planner products. This is a quickie review of what I got. Mostly stickers, highlighters, a planner cover, and some paper.  Also new desk accessories and an adorable keyboard! 

There’s a longer version on my YouTube in case you want to just look at the products to see for yourself. 

 (Part two is coming just as soon as I finish editing it.)

Not sponsored at all; just curious if the hype was warranted. Overall I’d say this is nice quality off-brand, “no-name” product. It does what it says it will and the price point is really nice. I honestly expected a lot less. I’m sure it depends what kind of items you buy but this stuff can be made quite affordably without much of a sacrifice. (Unless you’re into real luxury items.) Nice job TEMU!

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