Rise And Shine

Watch video here: https://youtube.com/shorts/R36XtJH7UXw?si=ebV8YDz6g7DEk_rd

Day 15: Rise and shine. Got a new pen so I wanted to practice my handwriting with it. If only I could speed it up like this in real life.

Quickie thoughts on the @wordsworthandblack pen (not sponsored but sent for free): This pen has more heft than my other fountain pens. Not sure what materials it’s made from but it feels sturdy like metal. Could really benefit from more information on the construction and nib/feed info. Did come with a converter so I could use my own inks easily. Writes smooth. Ink flowed immediately. No hard starts or skips with this ink. A decent entry level pen, although the brand doesn’t have as much of a reputation and history like TWSBI,  Noodlers, LAMY, or Pilot. No clue on their support or the consistency in quality as this is the only pen I have tried. I’d like to see what else they come up with in the future.  😉 Flex nibs are my fav!

🖋 @wordsworthandblack Black Gold Erudite Velvet Medium Nib

@jetpens #Diamine Ink “Aurora Borealis”

📜 @maruman.usa Mnemosyne Grid


#shinewithletters @its_.calligraphy

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