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Digital and Traditional Journaling Experiment

I’m doing a little experiment this month comparing traditional and digital journaling/planning. So each day I switch it up (or do both). Curious what you use (if any) out there?

Thoughts so far: Digital is great because I always have my phone on me. If anything quickly pops into my mind I can add it easily. I don’t always keep my paper journal with me and it requires more focused attention to work on. That can be good or not so good. So far using both suits my personality pretty well! I can just do what suits the amount of time and focus I have.

(Anybody want a copy of this legal paper background I made for my digital journaling? It’s got cuter colors than your traditional legal pad if that’s your aesthetic.)

🖋 @fountain_pen_revolution Himalaya V2-Chrome with Steel EF Ultra Flex nib

@jetpens Diamine Ink in Earl Grey

📜 Tomoe River 68 gsm paper

💻 iPad with

Watermark by @rees.designs

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