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Paper vs Digital Planning And Journaling Experiment

My thoughts so far…

The paper vs digital experiment continues. I wrote a bit about the differences in my paper journal and so far the results are… I like both. 😅

My biggest concern with using both is if I ever want to reference one specific “something” that I wrote one day, but I can’t remember where I put it. It would be a longer endeavor if I had to do a digital and physical search. Not sure if that would actually happen, and I could use bookmarks and page flags for anything important. And the digital portion would be a very quick and easy search. Sooo maybe it’s not much of a concern?!

❓Also does anyone know how to stop that page bounce that happens in a paper journal when you’re writing near the binding? It lays fairly flat but that tiny bit of bounce can be somewhat annoying when I’m trying to write really neatly. Is that why I see people using binder clips, or should I put something flat underneath the page I’m on?

Finally, for anyone wondering I’m using one of @happydownloads free digital planner setups until I make a decision if it’s something I want to continue with. Love her stuff! The stickers are adorable and the designs are extremely well done. Im definitely going to be buying from her shop once my experiment is over.

🖋 @fountain_pen_revolution Muft clear

🎨 @jacquesherbininks Emeraude de Chivor

📜 Tomoe River 68 gsm paper

💻 iPad with

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